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Aerator (interchangeable tines design)

Image of Aerator  (interchangeable tines design)
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- fabricated using a combination of hollow and solid steel for extra strength and weight.
- zinc plated for corrosion resistance
- high quality foam grips
- Stainless steel grub screws

This tool should be in every lawn carers arsenal. Suitable for home use and also commercial use for those problem areas you may come across at a clients property.

Tine options - please select the aerator tool AND your preferred tines:
- 8mm hollow tines (for low cut, manicured lawns)
- 12.7mm hollow tines (most popular hollow tine size)
- 8mm solid tines
- 12mm solid tines
- 19mm cross tines (maximum surface area, very discrete)

All tines are silver zinc-plated.